Carlyn and Granny Girl

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Carlyn is anxious to see Granny Girl in her new home at Homestyle Assisted Living Community. Granny Girl and Carlyn will maintain their close relationship as Carlyn quickly becomes friends with the other residents at Homestyle.

Before the initial visit to the community, Carlyn’s friend describes the assisted living environment much differently than she soon discovers it to be. Carlyn enjoys her visit to the community very much and is thrilled to plan her next visit by choosing an event she wants to attend from the activity calendar.

As Carlyn and Granny Girl’s relationship grows, Carlyn is eager to learn more about the special attributes of the residents. Her accepting and welcoming attitude teaches children of all ages to develop their circle of relationships to include senior adults.

Follow Carlyn’s numerous visits to the community to learn how this multigenerational relationship expands as Carlyn treasures her visits. Likewise, explore ways a child can become involved in the lives of an entire community of residents.
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